The Birthdays of Modern Conservation

We often like to point to particular dates and times for when something began.  The Boston Tea Party started the American revolution.  Abner Doubleday nailed a peach basket to the wall and created basketball. 

President Teddy Roosevelt

            The same is true for the environment.  We often identify two environmental movements in recent times, one near the start of the 20th Century, and the other beginning in the 1960s.  And the events that we associate with the start of each find their origins in May.

Rachel Carson (photo by Smithsonian Institution)

            Teddy Roosevelt gets credit for starting the first environmental movement.  He cared deeply about the condition of our natural resources.  So much so that he gathered all the nation’s leaders—Congress, the Supreme Court, all state governors, and many others—in Washington for the “Governor’s Conference on Conservation.”  The event occurred on May 15, 1908 (learn about it here).

            Rachel Carson gets credit for starting the second environmental movement.  Carson was born on May 27, 1907—so she was getting ready to celebrate her first birthday when Teddy Roosevelt’s conservation congress took place (learn about her here).  Rachel Carson started the environmental movement by publishing her book, Silent Spring, in 1962 (learn about the book here)

This Month in Conservation

August 1
Hawaii National Park Created (1916)
August 2
White Giraffes Found in Kenya (2017)
August 3
Arbor Day in Niger
August 4
Liang Congjie, Pioneering Chinese Environmentalist, born (1932)
August 5
First Traffic Light Installed in U.S. (1914)
August 6
Rajendra Singh, the Waterman of India, Born (1959)
August 7
Elinor Ostrom, Noble Laureate in Economics, Born (1933)
August 8
Banqiao Dam Collapse, World’s Biggest Dam Disaster (1975)
August 9
Smokey Bear Born (1944)
August 10
John Kirk Townsend, Pioneering Naturalist, Born (1809)
August 11
Gifford Pinchot, Father of American Forestry, Born (1865)
August 12
“The Lorax” Published (1971)
August 13
Roald Amundsen Completes Northwest Passage (1905-1906)
August 14
Hetch Hetchy Began Producing Power (1925)
August 15
Sponge Act passed (1914)
August 16
E. F. Schumacher, Environmental Economist, born (1911)
August 17
Cape Hatteras National Seashore created (1937)
August 18
Margaret Murie born (1902)
August 19
Cickamauga and Chattanooga Battlefield established
August 20
The Great Fire (1910)
August 21
“Bambi” Released (1942)
August 22
Loch Ness Monster first seen (565)
August 23
Chile’s Atacama Desert Blooms (2017)
August 24
Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Maine, Established (2016)
August 25
National Park Service Born (1916)
August 26
Krakatau Volcano Erupted (1883)
August 27
First Oil Well Drilled (1859)
August 28
Roger Tory Peterson, Ornithologist, Born (1908)
August 29
Henry Bergh, Founder of ASPCA, Born (1813)
August 30
Lord Walsingham Shot 1,070 Grouse (1888)
August 31
John Muir Home preserved (1964)
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